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I am a 28 year old, Swedish-speaking Finnish Illustrator and Game Artist/Designer. I focus mainly on illustration and 2D asset creation for games, with the occasional foray into UI and Visual Design.


My natural art process is a dark to light, digital, painterly style with a focus on stylized magic realism with cartoony undertones. I tend towards the dark and moody ,"fairy tale" spectrum in my personal work but am generally capable of adapting to the style needed for a project and emulating other's art styles. I'm proficient in most digital mediums (digital painting more than vector graphics) and in watercolor, graphite, ink and acrylics when it comes to traditional media though I generally focus on digital or mixed media processes.  

Foto: Frank A. Unger 

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Tel: +358504670809

Foto Frank A. Unger

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