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Perdition was a game prototype made to help explore the subject matter of my master thesis, emergent narratives and procedural storytelling in games.

It was the first time I designed, coded and developed a game completely by myself. The result is an atmospheric and at times interesting prototype with a few key design flaws. It served it's purpose as a tool for exploring narratives in games however and with a lot of redesign and bug-fixing could perhaps be an enjoyable game.


The player takes on the role of a Mining Station attendant on a desolate planet and slowly start to unravel the flaws of his government "The Hegemony" or get involved in quelling the smuggling and rebellion that is brewing in the galaxy. 


This game was developed during Nordic Game Jam 2016 under the theme "Leak". We had 48 hours to develop the game.

The game is for 2 players, each is controlling a drone. The players have to cooperate in order to get the drones to carry an unstable radioactive reactor into safety. Every time the reactor hits something it gets more and more unstable, until it explodes. It is a hard game.

I worked as the Main Artist making all 2D assets for the game and contributing to the idea generation. The game was made in Unity. 

Clockwork Dream

In the Autumn of 2015, I was accepted at the National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment, DADIU, as Art Director. My responsibility was to set and maintain the artistic direction of the game and manage the art team (3D modelers and audio designer) as well as act in the role of Visual Designer. I was part of the lead group coordinating the game production with the Game Designer, Lead Programmer, Project Manager and Game Director.

The game itself was an cinematic adventure game about the manipulation time and the destruction of a clockwork world. 

Review of the game by Super Game Droid
"An artistically astonishing 3D point and click adventure game that uses its minimalistic presentation and time manipulation mechanics to tell a peculiar tale about the insides of a particular magical clock. Players take on the role of the clock’s ballerina figurine as they traverse its chaotically beautiful innards repairing and restarting components using careful time manipulation. The ability to shift objects through time and top notch visuals gives Clockwork Dream a unique atmosphere not found in other point and click adventure games."

Wonder Wool

At DADIU 2014 I took on the role of Visual Designer in my first game production. I was responsible for all 2D and UI elements and worked on textures and concept art.  

The game itself is a level based shepherding adventure game set in ancient Greece. The player takes on the role of a minor shepherding god and tries to evade a cyclops on the hunt for sheep. 

It was made in six weeks and was nominated for the Danish Game Awards - Best Showcase 2014

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